Dick Jr., is a second generation enthusiast with over 40 years experience going from a full rounded shop to an all American Muscle car restoration production in those forty years.  This began with his purchase of a 1966 Olds 442 4-speed convertible.  This purchase proved to be the best thing for Dick since his love for Muscle cars has spread to his passion for Oldsmobile 442’s.
Jeff Thornton,an expert in all areas of restoration is an overall auto body and custom paint specialist, and is a third generation enthusiast with over 25 years of experience.  He was trained by his father and grandfather.  He specializes in fabrication, body work and painting, but enjoys the full process of every restoration.  Definitely an “Olds Freak” but has Chevy “Bow Tie” blood in his veins.  He is also a member of the East Coast Gassers, and enjoys drag racing his C/Gas 55 Chevy.
Ken Peacock, mechanical and fabrication specialist, has been trained by his own father Ken Sr.  He has 20 years experience.  He has been an enthusiast since he was 16.  He specializes in electronics, engine, steering and suspension.  We are proud to have him as our head mechanic because he takes pride in everything he touches.  In his spare time you can find him at the tracks with the rest of our guys.
Bill (Wild Bill) Lewis, custom painting technician, overall auto body specialist and metal fabricator.  He has over 20 years experience.  He is a true asset to our company.  His true love of the craft shows in everything he does.  He has been an enthusiast since he was 15.  He specializes in the Glasurit Painting technique, and is certified as a Painting analyst.  In his spare time he enjoys hanging the front wheels of his 1966 Oldsmobile F-85 big block 4-speed, 11 second daily driver. 

Troy Thornton, expert in all aspects of restoration and head of the reproduction division, and is a third generation enthusiast with 22 years experience.  He is now in the process of opening a new state-of-the-art shop North of Telford in Quakertown, PA.  In his spare time he enjoys striping the pavement with his 1971 Olds W-30, 11 second grocery getter.  Actually runs better than it looks if you can believe that.

Our shop is very family oriented.  You may walk in a customer but you are guaranteed to leave a friend.  Everything is done in-house.  Bring us your vehicle in a basket, and leave driving an award winning masterpiece.